Experiences in a canoe

Sailing in a canoe is both an active and relaxing way in which to spend a holiday. Whilst paddling along, you see at close quarters the varied and attractive landscape lining the meandering streams: Idyllic forests, grazing cattle and attractive cornfields.

You can drift with the current or paddle at your own pace and marvel at the sights that await you.

You can see so much on a canoe trip and share unforgettable memories with your colleagues, children or good friends

One day - or several days - in a canoe

The Top of Denmark has several streams that are perfect for canoeing, including Uggerby Å and Voer Å. 
Uggerby Å winds its way from Ilbro east of Hjørring for 51 km before reaching the sea. From Voerså, which lies south of Sæby, you can sail on an expedition inland on the idyllic Voer Å. The canoes can be hired beforehand at rental outlets. The watercourses are flat and calm, so the whole family can safely get out onto the water.

If you wish to take a trip lasting several days, it's possible to stay overnight at primitive campsites which line the route and where you may pitch your tent or go ashore to have something to eat.

Canoe rental

Canoes can be rented from around Easter until October from outlets that rent out canoes on the streams of Uggerby Å and Voer Å.

Pitch a tent

Along the stream of Uggerby Å there are primitive campsites where you may pitch a tent. At a number of sites there are also shelters, toilets and running water. Enquire at canoe rental outlets for information about facilities en route.

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