Big choice - numerous possibilities

There are countless fascinating galleries to be found all over the Land of Light, and the range of different types of art is extensive. Art is found in many different shapes and sizes with numerous different styles being represented.

Experience the gentle brushstrokes

on the fine watercolours, be drawn into the narrative of the painting, discover that hard granite can also have soft edges and be fascinated by the many unusual figures in bronze or iron. Experience a wide diversity of art at the many galleries in the Top of Denmark.

There's plenty of opportunity to take a unique work of art home with you. Many paintings, sculptures, etc., have only been produced as a single piece – and this is thus your guarantee that you have something in your living room that no-one else has.

Renewal and change

The brush, the chisel or the hands of the artist are rarely idle in the Top of Denmark. It's therefore a good idea to visit the many different galleries and see the new trends in art that are undergoing constant renewal and change.

Art of high quality

In the Top of Denmark there's art of high quality all year round produced by local, national or foreign artists within fields such as painting, photography, sculpture, pottery, etc.

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