A diversity of art museums

Experience the gentle landscapes, the green beech forests and the meandering streams in the so-called Golden Age paintings in Sæby. Or go to the Vensyssel Museum of Art in Hjørring and experience the more contemporary art scene in North Jutland.

Or what about a trip to Vrå, where you can see Svend Engelund's paintings, or a trip to Frederikshavn, where there are a succession of different exhibitions and an impressive ex libris collection. Get close to the everyday lives of the Skagen artists at Skagens Museum.

Also make time to visit J.F. Willumsen's impressive art and sketch collection at the manor house at Herregården Odden. The possibilities are numerous in the Top of Denmark.

Doing paintings justice

In the Top of Denmark there's a tradition for art of a particularly high quality, and this art is shown to its best advantage at the numerous fascinating museums of art. Here the special light that's characteristic for the region is really exploited to the full. When you walk into the art museums' many different rooms, you'll gasp at how the light fills the rooms. The light enters the rooms from all sides, so the works of art are really shown at their best.

Each museum has developed its own unique identity and can tell its own story. There's thus a great deal of diversity in the Land of Light – the museums of art are very different and each have their own distinctive character.

Exploring art

In the Top of Denmark, art is represented from many periods of history. Here you can trace Danish and foreign art from the Golden Age and naturalism through abstract paintings to modern, experimental art. There's plenty of opportunity to experience the many different forms of art on show.

At art museums in the Land of Light there's plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the art and let yourself be carried away by the fantastic colours, compositions and narratives. Take time to immerse yourself in the art and enjoy the peace and quiet that prevails at the museums.

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