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In the Top of Denmark you will find almost all kinds of restaurants. Among other things sushi, sandwich, fish and seafood as well as gourmet restaurants. In addition, a wealth of ethnic restaurants as well as brasseries, pizzerias and cafes. Here is something for every taste and occasion. With sea on all sides, seafood naturally belongs on the menu in many restaurants. But there is also a good selection of meat and poultry as well as vegetarian dishes. Many restaurants focus on using local ingredients.

For the quick meal on the go or to take to the beach, most cities have a good selection of sandwich bars and restaurants with Take Away.

Delicious restaurants in the Top of Denmark


Kombiner restaurantbesøg med overnatning

Fuldend din gastronomiske oplevelse i Nordjylland med et sted at overnatte og find inspiration til hvilke andre oplevelser og seværdigheder du kan opleve på din tur til Toppen af Danmark.

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