Feel good food - because it can be felt and tasted when the ingredients are completely fresh and of high quality. When local producers provide optimal and sustainable so that they can prepare food with joy and desire.

When you, together with family and others, can enjoy high quality food with a clear conscience and in a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. It must feel good, feel good food.

At the Danish Dining Guide's selection of this year's seafood restaurant in 2019 at Hotel Hesselet, it was Restaurant Essens from Frederikshavn that took the prestigious award home to North Jutland.

They themselves say: ‘We are not like the others ... We are chefs who go to great lengths for the good raw material, and we add craftsmanship and passion. We want to give you the best nature can provide whenever it wants ... so we cook from day to day, hour to hour, and you can be sure it will be good. '

Essens has their own organic field, which supplies the restaurant daily with good tasty green cases and not just in the summer. They are working towards becoming the next 100% self-sufficient and it can be tasted ...

Come by on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from kl. 17.30 and try the everyday table. Invite friends, family or co-workers to the table. The food is good, in season and there is plenty of it (This means that the dishes are filled up until you can no longer ...)


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Restaurant Essens, Danmarksgade 69, 9900 Frederikshavn, +45 23 29 10 88, restaurantessens@gmail.com, www.restaurantessens.dk