The whole city exudes atmosphere and fun experiences

The summer atmosphere in Skagen exudes fun and adventure, and it definitely goes to your blood when the whole city is buzzing with life, music and happy summer guests. Here, life is lived with plenty of time for presence, pampering and delicious food.

The city and the harbour are full of guests. The pedestrian street is packed with cosy specialty shops, so you can be tempted by everything from the beautiful flowers at Tonnys Blomster to fine art at Galleri Bo. And something that really belongs to summer in Skagen is to enjoy a large old-fashioned ice cream waffle in the sun.

Children can spend hours playing at the large playground and on the skating rink at Kappelborg. There are many restaurants along the pedestrian zone which have large terraces for outdoor dining. Enjoy a great time in the sun in front of, for example, Jakobs Café and Bar in the middle of the pedestrian street, or at Restaurant Kokkenes with a view of the culture house, the square and the playground.

If you go for a walk down to the harbour, you can join the other happy summer guests who enjoy delicious seafood dishes seated in front of the iconic red warehouses. The place is buzzing with life, and you can, among other things, choose a delicious seafood buffet at Wittco or delicious plate servings and seafood dishes at Skagen Fiskerestaurant and Pakhuset.

The holiday homes, the city's hotels and campsites are all full, but many day tourists also visit the city in the summer. In the evening, the locals and holidaymakers meet at Solnedgangspladsen in Gl. Skagen to enjoy the impressive sunset.

The first weekend in July, thousands of festival guests flock to Skagen to participate in Denmark's oldest music festival, Skagen Festival. But it is not only during the festival that you can hear music in Skagen. There are in fact many of the larger eateries that have live music for the enjoyment of their summer guests.

At the beach

In Skagen you will find the most beautiful beaches. In Denmark, Skagen is known for having most hours of sunshine a year - so in the summer, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest on good beach days. If life on the beach gets too boring for you - then go on and book an experience with eventcompany OutNature.

Are you into the North Seas larger waves, and beaches with lots of rocks, you should go to Nordstrand or Gl. Skagen. If you want more child-friendly beaches, with calm water and sand, go to Sønderstrand by Vippefyret or to Damstederne (access from Damstedvej), where both children and adults have fun. At Damstederne you will find the beautiful former royal villa - Klitgården, Skagen Klitplantage and the impressive Damsted Klit. The view from the top of the dunes is spectacular, and it is great fun for everyone to run down the steep dune towards the water.

Grenen (the top of Denmark) is an obvious destination for a brisk walk. Here you can be blown through by the wind and you can experience seals in the water or dozing on a bunker. You can also choose the fun experience it is to be driven to the tip of Grenen with Sandormen (a tractor bus).

Or take part in one of the other exciting events that summer offers.

Welcome to Skagen in the summer, when the city and  the surrounding nature is bursting with life.

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