The krudttårn, in English gunpowder tower, is definitely worth a visit. It is now a museum with gunpowder and bullets as well as the exciting history of Fladstrand and the Navy. On the top floor you can see the distinctive roof construction in addition to cannons.

In the 1970s, the krudttårn was placed between the city's new large workplace - a modern shipyard, which is why in 1974 it was decided to move the krudttårn to its current location in a more convenient location - 270 meters from its original stand.

Every year Tordenskiolddage is held - the year is 1717 in and on the entire area around Krudttårnet and occasionally a civil wedding takes place in the tower at the same time.

Kl. 20:00 every night of the season, the sun is shot goodbye with black powder saluting.

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Krudttårnet, Kragholmen 1, 9900 Frederikshavn, +45 98 42 31 11,, www.krudttå