Especially in the old quarter you will notice a sense of history from the old fishing community. Make sure to swing by the harbour. Here you’ll find plenty of opportunities for experiences when fishermen return to the port with the load compartment packed with the famous "Frederikshavn Plaice", sold directly from the boat or from one of the many small fish shops. At the harbour you also have the opportunity to attend a real fish auction, which is held every morning at seven o'clock. Feel the atmosphere when the auctioneer with speed and accuracy sells large boxes of freshly caught fish. In every way the harbour is a place of activity and atmosphere. Enjoy both children and adults, who are playing on the water in kayaks or on surfboards, or breathe in the fresh sea air in the cozy marina. Close by the marina, you’ll find the towns nice restaurants, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and other exciting dishes. Just north of Strandby you will find fine beaches - and there is always plenty of space at the beach or in the dunes.

Every summer Strandby offers additional experiences through port festivities and a horse-and flea market.

Strandby fra den gamle bydel
The old part of town

The old town in Strandby is worth a visit. The first urban settlements arose in Strandby in the 18th century. Previously, the place was characterized by so-called "beach farms", as they are called all the way to Skagen. The roads leading down to the harbor and the neighborhood around it are Strandby's oldest district. A large part of the houses here were built in the early 20th century. Although there is great diversity among the houses, they testify to a common building culture at this time. Take a walk through the old town and see the many different colors and building materials in which the houses are built and how, despite the diversity, they create an architectural uniformity.

Strandby Church

Strandby Church was designed by architect J. Blegvad from Aalborg, and it was built in 1965/66. The shape and material of the church is simple and inspired by Romanesque village churches and the church buildings of the French architect Le Corbusier. It is built in whitewashed brick with a roof of black tar paper, and shaped like an egg, where the ship and choir go directly into each other. However, many believe that the church is also reminiscent of a fishing boat with a sail (roof) and wheelhouse (tower). The interior and all decorative elements are made of natural materials, brick and brass. The church is lit by a large, circular chandelier, which is reminiscent of a large starry sky. There are two church ships: a three-masted bark ship and a model of the school ship Denmark.

Strandby Kirke

Summer life in Strandby

The cozy harbor, has lovely beaches both to the south and to the north. Here the sandy beach is nice and wide, and families with children have plenty of space for beach life with sand castles and lunch baskets. A little north of Strandby you will find Bratten Strand, which is similarly ideal for anyone who likes shallow water and a white sandy beach. Here is also a long jetty, for the benefit of all who like to jump into the deeper water.


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