Lønstrup - not far from the famous Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

About 20 kilometers south of Hirtshals you will find Lønstrup, a small idyllic town off the West Coast, where most of all exudes tranquility. Close to Lønstrup, Rubjerg Knude is located, where you can see the over 100-year-old lighthouse, that in 2019 was moved 70 meters.

In Lønstrup, nature is completely magical. Not only with Rubjerg Knude, which is fantastically beautiful and tells an exciting story, there is Lønstrup Klint. Lønstrup Klint shows the rugged side of the West Coast. Every year, the West Coast eats about 2 meters of Vendsyssel and Lønstrup.

Inside Lønstrup town you will find Lønstrup Café Bio, a cozy place where you can watch both new and old movies. One of Lønstrup Café Bio's missions is to promote the culture in the city. Inside the city you will also find many artisans, where ceramics, jewelry, visual arts and other creative things are made.

Lønstrup is a good destination if you love nature on the West Coast and local artisans. Just outside Lønstrup you will find Skallerup Seaside Resort, which is a large holiday center and here you will find activities for all ages. There are opportunities for more than 100 exciting outdoor and indoor activities. For the little ones, there is a large play and water park where the oldest can take a walk in the Romulus, a spa and wellness center or a walk in the 400 square meter fitness center.

The whole family can dine at one of the family-friendly restaurants and afterwards go out and bowl. If you are away without children, you can eat at the Gallery and have a culinary experience. In addition to this, it is also possible to book, among other things, surf lessons and guided rides on the North Sea.

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Accommodation in Lønstrup

In Lønstrup, accommodation is pure idyll. Here you will find a large selection of holiday homes, which are located in the beautiful nature at Lønstrup. Nature, tranquility and each other can be enjoyed to the fullest. There are campsites close to the hiking dune Rubjerg Knude and the beautiful Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, so the holiday here invites you to explore the area.

Inside Lønstrup town, which is full of art and culture, it is possible to stay overnight at one of the hotels or a Bed & Breakfast. Close to Lønstrup is the holiday center Skallerup Seaside Resort, where there are plenty of opportunities for accommodation and activities for both adults and children.