At Restaurant Møllehuset, your taste buds are in the center and you get an exciting dining experience beyond the usual. Here the attention is paid to detail and you do not leave the table hungry.

Food is served with a Danish basic tone, where all ingredients are carefully selected and are part of a perfect interplay. The raw materials often come from the local nature and the good craftsmanship is honored, which is why everything is made from scratch.

Møllehuset, the mill house, has existed for more than 400 years and is thus one of Frederikshavn's oldest buildings. The old living rooms have been lovingly renovated and form a cozy setting for traditional anniversaries.

With its modern, bright halls, the pavilion offers ample opportunity for any festive occasion - only the imagination sets limits. They also have terrace seating in summer.

The menu offers delicious lunch dishes, coffee, cake, hot chocolate and more. In the restaurant you can enjoy an exquisite Seasonal menu prepared from the different ingredients of the seasons accompanied by exciting wines from the wine list.
Whether you want to have a good lunch or would like to enjoy an evening menu with several dishes, they promise that the quality is in order and their service is top notch.

Party and accommodation

You can choose to have a party at Møllehuset, where they will do everything to make it an unforgettable quality experience. The coziness is demanded and they go into detail with everything from table setting to composition of the menu.

Book a stay at our cozy little Hotel Lisboa approx. 800 meters from Restaurant Møllehuset. By participating in parties at Restaurant Møllehuset, you get a 20% discount on accommodation Hotel Lisboa.

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Restaurant Møllehuset, Skovalléen 45, 9900 Frederikshavn, +45 98 43 44 00,,