With a leg in each sea

Roll up your pants and try the fascinating experience of standing with one leg in each sea, but remember that bathing, due to the current, is not allowed. The current of the water and the force of the wind means that Grenen is always moving slighly, which is why the place is such a fascinating destination, as no two visits are alike.

Historically, the tip has turned towards the north, but a look at the compass rose reveals that the area's constant change means that the tip actually points more to the east than the north.

Every year, Grenen is passed by 110,000 ships, of which most are more than 150 gross register tons. It is a marvelous sight when the large ships file up in a long line one after the other on the horizon.

A world class Nature reserve

The landscape around Grenen is protected as a nature reserve, but with access for all, and the place offers great opportunities to go exploring on your own, even on days with many visitors. The beach surface at the far end of Grenen outside the dunes is constantly changing in appearance. Eg. shallow lagoon lakes often occur, which attract large flocks of wading birds.

Try following one of Grenensporet's four hiking trails, and learn more about both the nature and the history ofthe place. Close to the car park at Grenen  four hiking trails of different lengths starts. One of which is gravel paved and suitable for both bicycles, wheelchairs and prams. The paths take you around to all the sights of Grenen.

From the car park, you can book a tour on "Sandormen" which run from Easter until week 43. "Sandormen" has driven tourists to Grenen for more than 50 years and has become part of the place's history.

Guests who choose to walk to the top, will pass - Grenen Art Museum, and the poet and painter Holger Drachmann's final resting place.

Grenensporet - hiking experiences at Grenen

Grenensporet's four hiking routes are an experience for the whole family. Along the way, you will pass billboards with exciting stories about exactly where you are now.

The Grenen trail consists of a total of over twenty kilometers of hiking trails, of which the shortest of three kilometers is made with gravel pavement so that wheelchair users and families with prams can also experience the Grenen's unique nature.

The other paths are so-called footpaths, where you follow existing tracks in the landscape via route markings. The longest red route of 10 km, for example, passes all four lighthouses on Grenen.

In the parking lot at Grenen is the Info House, where a physical exhibition tells about the experiences at Grenen.

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